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1° NBA 2011 – Mixing Lab


It took place this weekend at the Mixing Bar headquarter, in Belo Horizonte, the first Mixing Lab NBA of 2011.

NBA stands for No Beer Allowed, a party in a workshop format where guest are only allowed to drink cocktails (or water).

But how to turn a party into a learning experience? It’s very simple, just add a few simple rules.

Our rules were as follows:

  • One could not prepare a drink for himself. Guests could only drink whatever was prepared by someone else, so every drink made should be offered or shared with another person;
  • Each guest could bring a companion, to be initiated into the art of Cocktails;
  • All present had to get their hands dirty. Accompanying persons could rely on the mentoring of the experienced bartenders, or go solo and check out the various recipe books around the house.

Besides being fun, the Mixing Lab’s NBA was great time for all.

First, old house professionals had the chance to create new recipes and test ingredients created in our long-awaited lull in January;

Second, newer bartenders could practice and even play with hard to find Bottles, letting aside their comfort zone (vodka) and experimenting with gins, brandies and bourbons;

And third, the companions, total noobies until then, had the opportunity to learn the basics about cocktail and debuted behind the bar, serving classic cocktails and filling their mentors with pride (most of the times).

One of the highlights of the NBA were the Tiki drinks. Bartenders guzzled with the new batches of Falernun, Pimento Dram, Banana Nectar and vanilla liqueur freshly made, and sprinkled the night with Grogs, “Blackbeard’s Ghost”, “Beachbum’s Own”, “Castaway” and variations.

Another line of experimentation that has yielded many nice cocktails were savory drinks. One of the highlights was the Celery Habit (celery, lemon juice, gin, simple syrup, grapefruit bitters, a generous pinch of celery salt, and sage from our garden for garnish).

Newcomers were in charge of preparing the good’ol classics and suck a bunch of info from the oldtimers. From how to hold a cocktail shaker or the optimal amount of ice, until preparing Margaritas, Queen’s Park Swizzles, Cosmopolitans, Mojitos, Manhattans, Bloody Marys, Black Russians and Negronis, everything was shared. Techniques, drinks and lots of laughs.

Our final balance was a lot of fun, some new recipes, the joy of spreading the taste for Mixology and drinking with friends.

The Success of the first 2011 NBA was very promising. Soon on our blog, the best recipes, and more news about upcoming editions!

[EDIT] To participate in future editions, please leave a comment or follow our twitter. We will strive to accommodate all types of cocktail enthusiasts, amateurs or professionals.

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10 responses

  1. Emerson says:

    gostaria muito de participar da proxima manifestação!tenhamos em contato…

  2. Bacana Emerson!

    No Próximo, você está dentro!

    Grande abraço,


  3. Felipe says:

    Pode colocar o meu nome e da Carol, minha senhora no próximo!

  4. Bacana Felipe! Valeu Pela Força!



  5. Alessandro says:

    Ish, quero participar do próximo! Tô com medo desse pessoal fera!! Vou ficar bem tímido no meu canto :-)

  6. Nada, Alessandro.
    Pode ficar tímido no início, mas no segundo drinks você vai estar em casa!

    Esperamos você!

    Parabéns pelo blog e obrigado pela visita!


  7. Alan Costa da Silva says:

    Adorei esta idéia e quero muito participar do próximo evento. Com certeza sairei de Sao Paulo para BH prestigiar, aprender e divertir-me.

  8. Fantástico Alan! Será um prazer!

  9. Não deixe de me re-convindar pro próximo encontro, seu Tony!

    Prometo levar alguns brinquedinhos…

    : )

  10. Claro Helga! Será uma honra! Bjo!


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